A little about us

We are focused on promoting ethical fair chase hunting in the state of Nevada. And, educating the public on conservation and benefits of trophy hunting. Establish and maintain an accurate biological data base for sportsmen and sportswomen, range managers, wildlife biologists, and interested parties, by producing annually updated permanent records of big game trophies in Nevada. The committee was formed in 1982, produced the first edition in 1985 and the program's success lead to publishing the book every five years from that point on.

Nevada Wildlife Record Book Team

Our Highlights

Nearly one hundred percent of all revenues directly benefit Nevada’s wildlife and/or their habitat and wildlife education.

  • $500,000 in Grants Awarded
  • 4,000 "Support Wildlife" License Plates on the Road
  • The Wayne Capurro Memorial Internship
  • Funding Research from Mice to Mule Deer

NWRB Foundation Information

We hope you will strongly consider purchasing a “Support Wildlife” license plate for your car, truck and trailer to sustain this endeavor.
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The Foundation is currently funding numerous scholarships for college students and others pursuing wildlife course work. Other projects are being considered as funds become available.

Committee Team Members

Your support and encouragement is what drives the Committee members year after year to produce a quality publication for you to enjoy.

Tim Humes

Tim is the current chairman of the Committee. He is a Senior Vice President—Financial Consultant with RBC Wealth Management in Reno. He is a Fourth generation Nevadan, sportsman and conservationist. Tim is a passionate big game hunter and when not big game hunting, you will find him pursuing waterfowl and upland game birds with his family and friends. He is an official measurer for the Boone and Crockett Club, and a life member of the Wild Sheep Foundation and Grand Slam Club having completed his Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep in 2001. Tim has enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence for the program.

Randy Brown

Randy retired as President of MBA Architecture & Interior Design, Reno Nevada in April of 2014; he remains active with MBA in a consulting role. Randy’s passion for hunting began in his youth on the family’s ranch in Northern California. He is a sportsman, conservationist, and hunter. His hunting quests have taken him throughout North America in pursuit of a variety of species of wildlife. He completed his Grand Slam of North American Sheep in 2005. Randy is currently the acting treasurer of Record Book Committee.

John Capurro

John is a member of a pioneer Nevada family whose roots in hunting and fishing date back to the 1860’s. He is the secretary of the Nevada Wildlife Record Book Committee. He was a director for Nevada Bighorn Unlimited, Reno. John is an official measurer for the Boone and Crockett Club. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and kayaking. He also spends time outdoors with his granddaughter and hopes she will continue the family heritage of outdoor activities.

San Stiver

San Stiver has been a member of the Record Book Committee since 1986 and has been involved compiling records since the inception of the program. San developed our record database, enters and formats the records for the book. He retired from the Nevada Department of Wildlife in 2003 after a 30-year career, as the upland game staff biologist. San resides in Prescott, Arizona with his wife and is raising two grandkids. He continues to travel to Reno for Record Book meetings. Besides working on the Record Book and scoring big game for the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young programs, San continues working in conservation as the National Sage-grouse Coordinator for the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Hunting, fishing and golf fill his leisure time.

Tom Lammel Committee Member from 1982 — 2018

Tom Lammel was a lifelong resident of Fallon, Nevada and was an avid hunter and sportsman since childhood. Tom was a member of the Committee since its inception and was the longest, active committee member. He was dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, the protection of hunting as a conservation tool and the protection of firearms ownership. Tom spearheaded the campaign to gain the approval of the “Support Wildlife” license plate depicting a desert big horn sheep that has become the major funding tool for the Nevada Wildlife Record Book Foundation. The Foundation has funded nearly $500,000 dollars in grants for wildlife conservation projects. Tom’s latest project was the construction of wildlife dioramas depicting the reintroduction of Big Horn sheep in the Stillwater Range and Santa Rosa Range. These dioramas are located in the Churchill County Museum and the Humboldt County Court House. Tom passed away in May 2018.

Jessen Mortensen

Jessen Mortensen is a fourth generation Nevadan, raised in a family of avid hunters and sportsmen and has hunted across North America and Mexico. Jessen is a bridge engineer for the Nevada Department of Transportation and has designed a number of wildlife crossings throughout the state including several overcrossings in northeastern Nevada. He is happiest when he’s hunting with his family and enjoys passing on the tradition to his son Paden and daughter Simone; both of whom went on their first hunts before they were a month old. He is an official measurer for the Boone and Crockett Club and the Pope and Young Club and has been a member of the Nevada Wildlife Record Book Committee since 2006.

Joe Dibble

Joe is proud to be born and raised in Yerington, Nevada. After serving in the U.S. Army as a Calvary Scout, he graduated from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Joe is now a Licensed Dietitian, and works in the field of Public Health. Joe and his wife Chantal have two beautiful daughters, Naomi (age 4) and Macie (age 2), whom they hope develop a passion for the outdoors and conservation. Joe is also an avid big game hunter, successfully harvesting several trophy class animals, over the past four years, using rifle and archery tackle.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan is a technology entrepreneur and cofounder of Clearplan—a management and logistics application for the repossession and towing industry. And, Cleardata—a smart repossession software platform for teams. John is a fourth generation Nevadan and avid big game hunter, John enjoys backpack hunting and getting further off the main roads. When not hunting, John enjoys camping, golf, ultra-running, skiing and spending time with his wife and two daughters